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Putts Corner, Sidmouth, Devon 7th / 11th July 2011

Absolutely lashed it down on the drive down, wipers on full speed and a bit hairy but made it in the end. First trip out for the new Fishbrain Navigator Kombi awning and it survived the torrential night-time downpour! We weren’t the only Bay in the campsite as we parked up to another late bay, a twin slider on a V plate with an Audi 80 engine in the back. Geoff and Adele were the happy campers – hi guys, hope you made it back to Chester ok!

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Just Kampers Open Day, 18 June

First drive out with Sarah and both kids and what a day! Followed by a girl in a white Early Bay from Reigate junction on M25 all the way along the A31 (Hog’s Back) to just past Farnham where she turned off. Perhaps she wasn’t going to the open day after all? Fun afternoon although Just Kampers ran out of burgers pretty quick, queue for the 10% discount off everything was huge too! Checked out some of the other rides and the white early bay turned up! Apparently she had picked up here niece to go to the local school in Odiham’s fete and then brought her on to the open day.

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