Red9 Design Twin Wishbone front suspension

Red9 Design Front twin wishbone suspension

OK, so I treated the bus to a brand new front suspension setup from Red9 Design ( which was fitted by Stuart Bird at Birdy’s Buses ( Wow what a difference!


  • Frosty


    Hey mate. Front beam assy looks ace :o) How are you finding driving with it? I'm thinking of getting one for my split so any feedback would be much appreciated.

    • stephan


      Drives very well - almost like having power steering. I'd highly recommend the set up!

  • darren


    hey still loving the suspension upgrade thinking of doing it to mine

  • Steve


    Picking mine up soon, Looking forward to the drive

    • stephan


      Cool - let me know how it goes?

  • Steve


    All fitted not a difficult job; hardest part was removing the old beam. Setting the shockers up are taking a bit of time, also had taken the bus in to have the tracking setup, garage wasn't sure on the info sheet for the tracking settings? The ride is improving as adjusting the shockers continues?

  • Andy


    How did you get on with the tracking and other settings? What have you set yours up to? I have had some issues with tyre wear on the inside but concerned my garage have set it up to standard vw settings and not the red 9 recommended ones.

    • stephan


      Tracking was done by Birdy at Birdy's Busses in Croydon - he fitted the Red9 double wishbone unit for me.

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